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Top 5 Best 30000 mAh Power Banks Under Rs 3000 In India

Which is the best 30000 mAh power banks for smartphones ? We can’t think about living a single day without a smartphone. The smartphone is very important part of life. That’s why all companies are upgrading mobile phones in a best possible way. They improve processor, camera, storage and even battery life. Nowadays, people are vastly using smartphones and tablets which have made their life pretty easy. They are using them in various ways they haven’t imagined before. With abundant amount of apps in phones, social networking accounts and much more is an easy task.

But, using so many apps and being continuously on smartphones results in draining of battery in very short period of time, which fails you to operate the gadget any longer even though your smartphone is packed with beefy battery. But we know technology has answer to everything! So to overcome this issue, Power Banks were imagined. Are you travel user so you can buy 30000 mAh power banks.

What is power banks ? Power Banks are a special case containing a Lithium Ion battery to store electrical energy in it with required circuitry to control the flow of power which can be later used to charge USB-powered devices. One does not have to worry about the phone’s battery if a Power Bank is in the pocket. It’s definitely a must have gadget for a busy person or one who travels a lot.

5 Best 30000 mAh Power Banks Under Rs 3000 In India

Will you prefer a 30000mAh power bank to charge your smartphone ? How many times can a 30000mAh power bank fully charge your smartphone ? Charging depanding on mobiles battery capacity. For example your battery capacity is 3000 mAh so in this case you can charge 10 times. This power banks under 3000 list will help you to choose your best performance power bank under this range. Well, there are plenty of options to choose from. To help you make the right decision, we list down the top 5 power banks under 3000 Rs in India for 2018.

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(1) BigBoss of All Power Banks Powerfull 30000mAh Long Lasting

  • Big Boss once fully charges works non stop for upto 1 week. Its Big Boss and would make you feel like Big Boss Enjoy unmatched feature of Power Bank 3 USB Port to charge THREE mobiles together – Fit For Various Mobile Phone & Devices. Compact & Heavy Duty. – Fast And Proper Charging. – IC Controlled Output. – Important Companion For Travellers. Max current output including all 3 output ports = 2.1-2.4A – Charge Time: ~15.5h (with 2.1A Charger).


(2) Rock ITP508 30000mAH Polymer Power Bank

  • The ITP508 is equipped with a 30,000 mAh lithium polymer battery. The next-gen lithium polymer technology allows you to carry much more power in a much smaller space. ITP508 is a powerhouse, equipped with dual USB output as well as charger for multiple devices simultaneously. Rock ITP508 Power Bank is compatible with all leading Android devices (Micro USB and Type C USB) and Apple devices (including iPhones and iPads).


(3) Remax Proda 30000 mAh Portable Power Bank

  • Remax Proda 30000 mAh Portable Power Bank have an amazing features like 4 USB Ports , Intelligent Sensor , LCD Display , 100% Original Power , External Battery Charger and more.


(4) CallStar CSPB-C30 Ultra Hi Power 30000 Power Bank

  • CallStar Power Bank with 3 USB Ports. A safe warehouse of all your data, whether they are documents, your precious memories in the form of photos or your favourite music tracks or movies, keep them all well organized with this brilliant power bank from CallStar. Especially, if you are travelling, this device is important for you as it will enable you to carry your data with you.


(5) Scronium S-3000 30000 mAh Power Bank

  • Are you going for a trip abroad? Then the last thing that you want is to be without any means of communication in an unknown country, which is why grab this power bank from Scronium, and keep your phone, and tablet charged at all times. Multiple Charging Designed with two USB ports with display indication, this power bank will enable you to charge your phone, as well as tablet at the same time. The Display show you the status of charging to make it easy for you. Battery The powerful 30000 mAh lithium-ion battery makes sure that your phone is always boosted with charge.


Thus, we come to an end of our best 30000 mAh power banks under 3000 list. We hope you have liked our list and have purchased your best power bank. If you want to tell us anything regarding the quality of our article, do let us know in the comments section. We will try to bring you better and fresh content in the near future. Also, we will keep on updating this list of best power banks under 3000 every month to include the latest and best power bank launched under this category. Check out our other articles below, if you want to buy power banks in some other price segments. Subscribe our Blog for latest updates in your mailbox ! If you like the list of best power banks under 3000 then you can comment below and share it with your friends.


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